Angela Ballard

European happy hours and American holiday gatherings have one important thing in common: there’s always something to nibble on.

Unlike happy hour in the United States, where beverages tend to stand alone, European hosts would never serve drinks without something to snack on. Nuts, olives, cheeses … there are plenty…

It’s amazing just how much your childhood shapes you. Even the things you might not consciously remember can play an important part in your love for them. Such is the case with my inordinate affection for classic cowboys.

My father loves Westerns. Stagecoach. Unforgiven. The Good, The Bad and The…

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Timbuktu. Bora-Bora. Darjeeling. Kathmandu. Zanzibar.

I’ve been intrigued by these places my whole life, even though I didn’t know anything about them beyond their melodious and exotic-sounding names.

Home to humans for more than 20,000 years, Zanzibar was ruled by the British and Portuguese from 1498 until 1964…

When you’re in the Mediterranean, you can’t help but crave seafood. The smell of the ocean is in the air, the boats are in the harbor, and it’s difficult to imagine cows and pigs and goats. They’re there, but they seem out of place.

We were on the island of…

Did you know it’s possible to see a rainbow at night?

Yosemite Falls at Yosemite National Park is famous for them, particularly this time of year when the water is gushing from spring snowmelt and you can catch a full, or nearly full, moon that’s sitting low over the horizon…

Angela Ballard

Food and folklore from my travels to over 100 countries.

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